Thursday, 26 January 2012

My littlest hasn't been very well today.  He's had a temperature and not wanted to do anything.  I have taken the opportunity to sit on the sofa with him.  We have watched a film, read a book, played a board game and card games.  It was all very relaxing and I probably needed it too.  My level of activity has definitely increased in the past couple of weeks and I need to be careful not to overdo it.
I had a cranial osteopath appointment two days after my previous blog post.  I went in very positive mood, but he did not seem equally positive (which he had been on my previous two visits).  Anyway, the day after the appointment I had a low level feeling of malaise which lasted about a week.  I wonder if he could already feel whatever it was that caused that in my system.
My meditation practise has slipped a little since Christmas.  I've taken this to be a good thing - that I haven't really felt like I have needed it.  Okay in the short term, but I've found this week that I've felt like I needed it.  I think it has a cumulative effect and even if I don't manage two meditations a day I'm going to try and do one.
Sleep has been pretty good, but waking early, about 5.30am.  Doesn't seem to make any difference if  I go to bed any later either.
I came across an old diary from last year recently and was pleased to read through some of the entries which detailed symptoms I was experiencing at the time.  It was just another reminder that my progress is all going in the right direction.

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