Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Going Well

Things have been really good in the lead up to and over the festive period.  Just one episode of palpatations on Christmas Eve, but other than that, no symptomns.
A few days ago I changed from taking my minerals orally to taking them transdermally.  This means that I now spray them on to my skin just once a day to be absorbed.  The nice thing about this is that I don't have to consume so much hot orange juice three times a day in which I used to hide the not too tasty minerals, so that is good.  However I have noticed that just a few minutes after spraying the minerals on my body the most disgusting taste appears in my mouth.  It's wierd and I would appreciate it if someone could explain whats going on there?  It's difficult to get rid of this taste, but it's only once a day and at least it shows me that the minerals are being absorbed (somehow?)
Yesterday I went to the Christmas up early, travelled for 45 minutes to get to the shops, trogged around all day carrying heavy bags, got home at about 4pm and still had some energy : )  Had two stops during the day for snacks and food but didn't at any time feel that my energy levels had fallen flat or that I needed to sit down.  This is excellent. 

Friday, 16 December 2011

A Big Step Forward

Haven't posted for a few weeks and have two things that I want to note:
Firstly, I am now managing to break a sweat in the FIR sauna.  It made me feel lethargic and drained the day afterwards and disturbed my sleep - waking every few hours and not getting back to sleep very quickly, but then it gets better.  Apparently initially it is supposed to make you feel bad - a sign that the toxins in your system are being mobilised - the whole point of the exercise really.  If you continue to use it these effects eventually get less and less.  So, I am going to sauna once a week to start with and need to be careful to do it on a day when Ihave nothing on the following day.
The best thing that has happened recently is that the day before yesterday I was forced to run (to catch a train).  I had to run from the car park to the railway platform.  It wasn't a huge distance but it is definitely the furthest and fastest I have run for two and a half years and this level of activity would normally result in one of my strange mid night funny turns and yet here we are two days later and as yet no negative effects.  This is remarkable and definitely a big step forward for me.  I am really pleased about this and positively enjoyed the aching of my thighs as a result of this small bit of exercise - what a wonderful feeling!  My mind is desperate for my body to get back to a condition where it could do some proper physical exercise.  A game of badminton would be fantastic.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My FIR infra red sauna arrived this week and I've had three goes it in now but still not broken into a sweat.  I'm trying to start gently as my body doesn't respond well to changes in temperature.  So far I'm up to 19 minutes at 45 degrees.  I'm just going to keep increasing the heat and temperature until I start to sweat.
Yesterday was not such a good day for my heart rate, up to 120bpm in the evening.  I'm hoping this is a response to the reduction in my betablocker from three quarters to half a tablet.  I had a similar response about a month after I went from one to three quarters of a tablet.  I had a few days of my rate being up and palpatations and then it  settled back down again so I'm hoping the same will happen.  It is much better tonight 84bpm which is brilliant.
After last weekends pushing through and going out when I knew I really shouldn't have, this weekend I missed two social events, a book group gathering and a friends birthday drinks.  It was a shame to have to do this, but I just knew it was the right thing.  I had my sensible head on.