Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Going Well

Things have been really good in the lead up to and over the festive period.  Just one episode of palpatations on Christmas Eve, but other than that, no symptomns.
A few days ago I changed from taking my minerals orally to taking them transdermally.  This means that I now spray them on to my skin just once a day to be absorbed.  The nice thing about this is that I don't have to consume so much hot orange juice three times a day in which I used to hide the not too tasty minerals, so that is good.  However I have noticed that just a few minutes after spraying the minerals on my body the most disgusting taste appears in my mouth.  It's wierd and I would appreciate it if someone could explain whats going on there?  It's difficult to get rid of this taste, but it's only once a day and at least it shows me that the minerals are being absorbed (somehow?)
Yesterday I went to the Christmas up early, travelled for 45 minutes to get to the shops, trogged around all day carrying heavy bags, got home at about 4pm and still had some energy : )  Had two stops during the day for snacks and food but didn't at any time feel that my energy levels had fallen flat or that I needed to sit down.  This is excellent. 

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