Sunday, 4 December 2011

My FIR infra red sauna arrived this week and I've had three goes it in now but still not broken into a sweat.  I'm trying to start gently as my body doesn't respond well to changes in temperature.  So far I'm up to 19 minutes at 45 degrees.  I'm just going to keep increasing the heat and temperature until I start to sweat.
Yesterday was not such a good day for my heart rate, up to 120bpm in the evening.  I'm hoping this is a response to the reduction in my betablocker from three quarters to half a tablet.  I had a similar response about a month after I went from one to three quarters of a tablet.  I had a few days of my rate being up and palpatations and then it  settled back down again so I'm hoping the same will happen.  It is much better tonight 84bpm which is brilliant.
After last weekends pushing through and going out when I knew I really shouldn't have, this weekend I missed two social events, a book group gathering and a friends birthday drinks.  It was a shame to have to do this, but I just knew it was the right thing.  I had my sensible head on.

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