Monday, 24 September 2012

Perrin Technique, a review so far

These last few days I have had a little peak at normality, a remembering of how things used to be and a glimpse of what a fully recovered life might be.
To celebrate a friends 50th birthday we went to a local water park.  Here's what I DIDN'T do...
I didn't drink alcohol or eat chocolate, I didn't camp as I knew the cold and lack of sleep would not be good for me.  I didn't stand up on our raft as it was being rocked and increase my chance of going in the lake and I didn't run and jump off the end of the pier like the others,'s what I did do...
I got in a two man Canadian canoe and paddled for between 30 and 45 minutes around the lake.  Then after lunch I helped build a raft and launch it.  I sat on the raft as it was paddled in a race out around a small island and back again.  About a third of the way my competitive nature took over and I had to have a go with the paddle (some of my team mates were just not doing the business).  I paddled for about a third of the way and then stopped when I knew I had done enough.  I sat around the campfire with friends until 9.30pm and then went home to my warm comfy bed for a decent nights sleep.  On Sunday morning we drove back out to the lake for breakfast and then helped with packing up tents in the rain before setting off home.
Now, when I woke on Sunday morning, I didn't feel brilliant and thought I should probably spend the day quietly and not go back to the lake, but, by the time I had taken a shower and had some food and thought about what I had done the day before I felt much better and did want to go back put to join the party.  I did have to go to bed for two and a half hours as soon as we got back on Sunday lunch time, but felt fine when I got up.
At no point over the weekend did I feel ill and at no point during the activities did my body do that thing where it just turns so heavy that I can't take another step forward.
This morning when I got up it was as if I was looking at the house with new eyes.  I could see lots of jobs that needed doing and that I wanted to do.  Things that in the past were just too much of a strain on energy.
The only thing I can put all this down to is The Perrin Technique.  Nothing else in my routine has changed.  I started back in April and the first few months were hard.  I did feel worse after each treatment.  I still feel bad after each treatment, but my recovery from that has got faster and faster and recently the effects have worn off by the time I get up the following day.  Since mid summer though my activity levels have just gradually increased and of course I have been able to stop my heart medication.  It is difficult not to be evangelical about something which has made such a positive change in me.  I'm not back to where I was before all this started.  In terms of lifestyle I don't want to be.  That's probably what put me in this position in the first place, but energy wise, I would like to be and I can see some light at the end of what has been a long dark tunnel now.  I can't remember when I last cried, but if I were to cry now it wouldn't be those horrible sorry for myself tears for what me and my family have lost, but happy tears for the positive changes that have and are happening.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Co enzyme Q 10 and sleep

Normal service resumes.  Since last Wednesday my energy levels have been depleted.  This has tied in with my monthly cycle.  When I was really bad, Ant always said that things got worse during my monthly menstural cycle.  I guess when your feeling really bad you just don't notice the difference, you just carry on feeling rotten, but now I am generally feeling much better I definitely noticed the effect it had on my body.  Anyway that all passed by this Wednesday morning and my energy levels recovered quickly.  So much so that by yesterday I felt able to dig three holes for rhubarb plants I was kindly given, then I harvested blackberries, raspberries and tomatoes.  I went on to iron 6 of Ant's shirts.  Bare in mind that not so long ago any one of those activities would have made me feel bad and finished me off for the day.  Then...I pushed a big arm chair out of the front door and one of the kids helped me load it into the boot of the car.  I drove it to the dump and helped unload it there, then, I drove to a furniture shop and helped manoeuvre another chair from the first floor through a rather cluttered shop and out into the boot of my car.  Then I drove home.  I didn't do anything else for the rest of the evening, it felt like I might have overdone it, I was sat holding my iPod and my arms were shaking like the muscles were over stretched.  So, I had a quiet evening, Ant did all the running around with the children and this morning I feel fine.  Of course I may still have a delayed effect from all that activity, but right now I feel good and amazed.
Two to three weeks ago my sleep deteriorated.  I was waking more frequently and waking very early, between half four and half five and not being able to go back to sleep.  Yesterday I was reading an article in Autumns InterAction magazine about coenzyme Q10.  This is a supplement I was recommended by Dr Myhill.  I currently take 100 mg a day.  Co Q 10 is vital for energy production.  It is normally found in the mitochondria, the part of the cell responsible for producing energy.  The lady in the article commented on how when she stopped taking Co Q 10 she noticed how her sleep had deteriorated.  It suddenly struck a chord with me that the week my sleep was so bad was the week I had run out of Co Q10.   I didn't re-order it straight away as I was waiting for some of my other supplements to run out so I could combine postage.  As soon as I started taking it again my sleep improved almost straight away.  It's an interesting observation, but unfortunately probably illustrates that my body still needs this supplement.  Maybe I should try stopping some of the other supplements and seeing if there is any effect.
I'm really enjoying my 50 minute yoga seasons at the therapy centre .  This week I was even contemplating whether I might manage a "normal" yoga class, but I know I am inclined to try and rush these things.
Had a Perrin appointment yesterday afternoon.  My practitioner seems very pleased with how things are going.  In theory I should be able to start having my appointments less frequently really, but I don't want to risk slowing progress.  I'm going to have 10 days between appointments instead of weekly for a while.
The session wiped me out as usual and I spent the afternoon on the sofa, struggled to eat dinner and went to bed at 7pm.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Tired thighs and meditation

Back on the roller coaster today again then.  Yesterday I was on such a high, today my body is in charge.
 I Put the bikes in the car and took DS1 to a local country park for a ride.  As soon as I got on the bike and tried to pedal my legs just lost any energy they had, they felt so weak.  The slightest pressure exerted on the pedals just made my thighs scream.  As we'd made the effort to drive there and unload the bikes I persevered on a mainly flat circuit around the park.  After a suitable distance I managed to distract him with yummy Marshfield Farm ice creams (worth the previous 10 minutes torture) then we cycled back to the car and loaded up again.  He must think I'm such a lightweight.  Tomorrow its the weekend and his Dad is going to take him on a proper big ride.
When we got back to the house I didn't have the energy to unload the bikes and headed for a pack of oven chips and the closest chair.  I could tell I was going down hill because my patience desserts me and I snap at everyone.
This evening I had planned to go to a meditation session with DD1, but my thighs were just not strong enough to drive me there.  Kindly, Ant said he would deliver and collect us. It must have been obvious to him that an hour and a half meditation session might be beneficial!
It was a very relaxing session and I'm hoping it's going to help my sleep tonight.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Perrin Technique Recovery?

Well, no night shakes or funny turn in the night.  This is brilliant.  I can't believe the level of activity I did yesterday.  Could this be my recovery story?
I mentioned to Ant that I was going to do the Pilates class at the therapy centre today and he has suggested that I shouldn't .  He thinks I should have a rest day, yet again the voice of sense.  If I am turning a significant corner, he thinks the corner should be turned slowly.  I will heed this advice.
It would be nice to sort my sleep out.  I woke at 4.08am this morning and generally wake between 4.30 and 5.30am, it's too early.
Feeling like an excited child.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Yoga and Thai massage combined

So today was my second yoga session at the therapy centre and it was very enjoyable.  There were only 4 of us in the class so we had a very relaxing session.  In 50 minutes of the class we only did 5 poses, but we stayed in those relaxing poses for a long time and whilst we were in each of the poses the teacher came around and gave us all Thai massage on different parts of our body
The only bit I didn't like was the massage on my head.  It felt uncomfortable almost painful and my body tensed.  After the session I didn't get the normal spaced out feeling I usually get I actually felt really energised and invigorated.  It didn't last long, but that feeling of energy and alertness was fantastic while it lasted.  It felt like I might be normal, like the old me.
If I don't have any sort of reaction overnight I will be very happy as I have done several things today that might have in the past given me night time shakes - a yoga class, massage, being too hot in the sun, going out on a bike ride with DS1 this afternoon even though I was really probably better off resting, getting too cold on my way back from the bike ride and just the combination of all those things.
I am monitoring all my activity by day at the moment, walking, cycling and driving  so that I can have real facts rather than just thinking that I'm doing more and more.  Things are definitely looking up.  Providing I have no bad effects overnight and feel good in the morning I'm going to try the Pilates class at the therapy centre tomorrow.