Saturday, 22 September 2012

Co enzyme Q 10 and sleep

Normal service resumes.  Since last Wednesday my energy levels have been depleted.  This has tied in with my monthly cycle.  When I was really bad, Ant always said that things got worse during my monthly menstural cycle.  I guess when your feeling really bad you just don't notice the difference, you just carry on feeling rotten, but now I am generally feeling much better I definitely noticed the effect it had on my body.  Anyway that all passed by this Wednesday morning and my energy levels recovered quickly.  So much so that by yesterday I felt able to dig three holes for rhubarb plants I was kindly given, then I harvested blackberries, raspberries and tomatoes.  I went on to iron 6 of Ant's shirts.  Bare in mind that not so long ago any one of those activities would have made me feel bad and finished me off for the day.  Then...I pushed a big arm chair out of the front door and one of the kids helped me load it into the boot of the car.  I drove it to the dump and helped unload it there, then, I drove to a furniture shop and helped manoeuvre another chair from the first floor through a rather cluttered shop and out into the boot of my car.  Then I drove home.  I didn't do anything else for the rest of the evening, it felt like I might have overdone it, I was sat holding my iPod and my arms were shaking like the muscles were over stretched.  So, I had a quiet evening, Ant did all the running around with the children and this morning I feel fine.  Of course I may still have a delayed effect from all that activity, but right now I feel good and amazed.
Two to three weeks ago my sleep deteriorated.  I was waking more frequently and waking very early, between half four and half five and not being able to go back to sleep.  Yesterday I was reading an article in Autumns InterAction magazine about coenzyme Q10.  This is a supplement I was recommended by Dr Myhill.  I currently take 100 mg a day.  Co Q 10 is vital for energy production.  It is normally found in the mitochondria, the part of the cell responsible for producing energy.  The lady in the article commented on how when she stopped taking Co Q 10 she noticed how her sleep had deteriorated.  It suddenly struck a chord with me that the week my sleep was so bad was the week I had run out of Co Q10.   I didn't re-order it straight away as I was waiting for some of my other supplements to run out so I could combine postage.  As soon as I started taking it again my sleep improved almost straight away.  It's an interesting observation, but unfortunately probably illustrates that my body still needs this supplement.  Maybe I should try stopping some of the other supplements and seeing if there is any effect.
I'm really enjoying my 50 minute yoga seasons at the therapy centre .  This week I was even contemplating whether I might manage a "normal" yoga class, but I know I am inclined to try and rush these things.
Had a Perrin appointment yesterday afternoon.  My practitioner seems very pleased with how things are going.  In theory I should be able to start having my appointments less frequently really, but I don't want to risk slowing progress.  I'm going to have 10 days between appointments instead of weekly for a while.
The session wiped me out as usual and I spent the afternoon on the sofa, struggled to eat dinner and went to bed at 7pm.

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