Friday, 7 September 2012

Tired thighs and meditation

Back on the roller coaster today again then.  Yesterday I was on such a high, today my body is in charge.
 I Put the bikes in the car and took DS1 to a local country park for a ride.  As soon as I got on the bike and tried to pedal my legs just lost any energy they had, they felt so weak.  The slightest pressure exerted on the pedals just made my thighs scream.  As we'd made the effort to drive there and unload the bikes I persevered on a mainly flat circuit around the park.  After a suitable distance I managed to distract him with yummy Marshfield Farm ice creams (worth the previous 10 minutes torture) then we cycled back to the car and loaded up again.  He must think I'm such a lightweight.  Tomorrow its the weekend and his Dad is going to take him on a proper big ride.
When we got back to the house I didn't have the energy to unload the bikes and headed for a pack of oven chips and the closest chair.  I could tell I was going down hill because my patience desserts me and I snap at everyone.
This evening I had planned to go to a meditation session with DD1, but my thighs were just not strong enough to drive me there.  Kindly, Ant said he would deliver and collect us. It must have been obvious to him that an hour and a half meditation session might be beneficial!
It was a very relaxing session and I'm hoping it's going to help my sleep tonight.

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