Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Yoga and Thai massage combined

So today was my second yoga session at the therapy centre and it was very enjoyable.  There were only 4 of us in the class so we had a very relaxing session.  In 50 minutes of the class we only did 5 poses, but we stayed in those relaxing poses for a long time and whilst we were in each of the poses the teacher came around and gave us all Thai massage on different parts of our body
The only bit I didn't like was the massage on my head.  It felt uncomfortable almost painful and my body tensed.  After the session I didn't get the normal spaced out feeling I usually get I actually felt really energised and invigorated.  It didn't last long, but that feeling of energy and alertness was fantastic while it lasted.  It felt like I might be normal, like the old me.
If I don't have any sort of reaction overnight I will be very happy as I have done several things today that might have in the past given me night time shakes - a yoga class, massage, being too hot in the sun, going out on a bike ride with DS1 this afternoon even though I was really probably better off resting, getting too cold on my way back from the bike ride and just the combination of all those things.
I am monitoring all my activity by day at the moment, walking, cycling and driving  so that I can have real facts rather than just thinking that I'm doing more and more.  Things are definitely looking up.  Providing I have no bad effects overnight and feel good in the morning I'm going to try the Pilates class at the therapy centre tomorrow.

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