Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Yay!  Today has been a good day.  At lunchtime I went to a yoga Class at the Therapy Centre.  It was wonderful.  A darkened room, incense, relaxing music and a small, friendly group of people.  The session was just an hour long which was one of the things that attracted me to it.  All the yoga was done either sitting or lying down which sounds lame but is where I'm at right now.  I couldn't help but smile to myself during the class just because I was happy to be there taking part.  Earlier this year just 20 minutes of a Qi Gong left me feeling horrible and knowing I couldn't go back as my body wasn't ready for it.  Today I left the yoga session after completing the whole session, but,  not knowing what effect it was going to have on my body.  I felt light headed afterwards and a little spaced out when I reached home.  I could easily have gone to bed and slept, but couldn't as My littlest was around.  So I did feel a bit wired, but what I didn't feel was I'll - no sickness and no malaise.  I need to wait and see how I recover now.  Hopefully I will be feeling a little stiff tomorrow after all the stretching I did today.
My activity levels have definitely gone up.  In the last week I have walked a mile on three separate days.
Had a good Perrin session yesterday.  I decided to walk down to the appointment, but I'm not sure I'll do that next time, the walk home was hard.  Normally I have about 30 minutes to an hour after the session is finished before I start to feel the full effect, but by the time I had walked home yesterday I was completely spaced out.  I managed to eat dinner and then went straight to bed.  I never sleep well the night after a treatment and last night was no exception, but I was feeling good again by this morning.
I'm soooooo nervous about overdoing it, but also very excited by the extra activity.

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