Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Beta blocker free

Feeling a bit rubbish today.  Woke up feeling like I'd been run over by a bus again today.  I ached all over my back.  I've Ben wondering if I overdid the Perrin back stretches with my back wedge yesterday.  For the last week I have Ben raising my arms into the air and behind my head whilst on the wedge, maybe  I'm doing it wrong.  Shame I've not got a treatment this week so I can check.  Took DD1 and DS1 out in the car this morning, by the time I was coming home at lunchtime I was completely washed out.  I was driving along thinking I've just got to get home, I had no energy.  Another afternoon on the sofa...thank goodness for the Olympics : )
On a much more positive note I have now not taken any beta blockers for a whole month, "hooray!". It has taken me a year to ween myself of them very, very gradually.  The best of it is that this month my heart has felt really calm.  It has been up a few times when I've been really tired, but mostly it's felt really good.  I'm so pleased about this, it is a worry when your heart is doing something a bit strange and nobody can really tell you why, so it is a relief that things appear to have settled down.  This is an important step in my recovery.

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