Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic Trip

Yesterday at the Olympic park seems to have whizzed by in a flash.  It was a long day but all seemed a bit rushed.  Travel was good, no problems.  We saw 2 games of men's handball, my favourite being Spain vs Serbia which was very close all the way through.  There was a lot of walking involved in the whole day and in general I think I held out pretty well, just some pains in my right thigh and heavy legs.
We had a bit of a rush to get back to Paddington station at the end of the day and the girls do this wonderful thing now when they can see I am flagging where they each loop an arm through one of mine and pull me along, it really helps.  
When I woke up on Monday I felt like I'd been run over by a bus, my leg and back muscles ached. Part of the problem now is deconditioning, my legs aren't used to walking that sort of distance.  
I needed a day doing nothing and that's what we did.  The kids and I spent the day on the sofa watching the Olympics on television.
Today will be telling as this is the day any delayed fatigue from Sunday will hit me if it's going to.  If I don't get any delayed fatigue today I will definitely put that down to my Perrin treatments.

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