Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Perrin technique - 9th treatment

So, I moved my treatment from a Friday to Tuesday as we had plans for the weekend and the last two weekends I have had to go to bed both days following treatment. The weekend went relatively well considering I had only 3 and a half hours sleep on Friday night. On Saturday morning I was upset, knowing that I could not stay and have another night like the last for that risked a big relapse. I was frustrated that yet again I was having to opt out of something fun with friends, but I did do the sensible thing and on Saturday night I drove home so that I could sleep somewhere quiet and not be disturbed. My head hit the pillow at midnight and I slept through to 8am Sunday morning before driving back to rejoin my friends. On Monday I was fatigued and didn't make it out to a monthly musical ensemble I play with. I feel like I am letting people down by not turning up, but I am getting better at putting my own needs first. The treatment this week seemed a little more gentle than some of the previous. Again, not so much work on the thoracic area, normal effleurage, cranial work and some time on my left ribcage around the area of my fall. Afterwards I always seem to feel the same, a period of cold shivery ness which passes quickly then I'm fine for about an hour and then fatigue sets in and also a sense of disorientation as if I'm not quite all with it, then the next day nausea and fatigue. Today I made sure I did everything I needed to do early, drove DD1 to singing lesson, school work with DS1 knowing that I would probably run out of energy and sure enough I was asleep by 2pm for an hour. I am waiting now for a time when the fatigue which, since i started this treatment always sits just under the surface, lessens and I actually start to feel better as a result of the treatment and not worse.

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