Sunday, 22 July 2012

Quicker Recovery

Happy to report that I seem to have recovered from this week's Perrin treatment a little more quickly than previously. My sleep was badly disrupted for two nights and Wednesday I felt rough. I was due to go and watch DD1 in a concert Wednesday evening, but didn't have the energy to drive there. Ant kindly said that he would take us and pick us up and all i had to do was sit there, so I did get to see her play. Pains in my left knee and thigh again in the days following the treatment and also a rash down from the bridge of my nose and under my left eye. Yesterday I was quite active. I walked down to the village. It's the first time i've done that for quite some time - maybe a couple of months and I was nervous about it, but I was feeling good and had nothing else planned for the day so if it wiped me out it wouldn't matter. It went pretty well, pace was very slow, but I made it without having to sit and rest. I even did a small bit of weeding, harvested some gooseberries and a game of hide and seek afterwards, but then by mid morning I had reached my limit and had to sit down. I rested for the rest of the day until we went out for a barbque dinner in the evening. I feel positive that recovery from this weeks treatment has definitely been easier than previous weeks.

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