Sunday, 8 July 2012

Perrin technique - the after effects

Today I'm feeling a bit more human and some energy has returned.  I spent Friday afternoon on the sofa with the tennis and went to bed at 7.30pm feeling mentally and physically "vacant".  On Saturday when I woke I had a headache and didn't feel too good, but I did get up and decided to go with Ant to the supermarket.  It started well, but just a short time into the shopping I felt bad, my legs just went so weak I thought they weren't going to support me, I had a headache, bad nausea and that horrible feeling of malaise.  I went back to the car to lye down whilst Ant finished the shopping.  When we got home I went straight to bed and just laid there until 4pm, just feeling very, very weak, like it was an effort to move any limb.  I had pains in my thigh muscles.  Strangely as my therapist did less physical work on my spine on Friday and more cranial work, the area between my shoulder blades has been more uncomfortable this week.
When I got up I felt a little better and then just continued to improve as the evening went on, which was fortunate as we were going out to dinner.  We went out early at 7pm and were back by 11.30pm - very wise as it would have been easy to have stayed out much longer as we were having such a nice time with friends.
This morning I feel sooo much better, I've cooked fresh waffles, had a FIR sauna and done a little ironing and although i'm starting to feel a little fatigued, it's manageable.  My brain fog has lifted and I feel so  much better than i did this time yesterday.  How can these changes be so marked and happen so quickly?  It often happens like this, it's like walking around in a suit of armour for a couple of days and then having it removed and feeling like the physical weight has been taken from your body and you can move more freely again.

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