Sunday, 29 July 2012

Perrin technique 10th treatment

I,m struggling to know what to write about my recovery from treatment this week. Immediate recovery from this weeks treatment on Tuesday seemed good again, faster than last week. Then I found I had to rest more during the week. I've done more driving this week than normal taking and collecting DS1 from summer school, so that could have taken it's toll. I've been to bed four afternoons out of five this week which is more than normal. DS1 being at summer school has meant that I have been able to do this and it hasn't been a problem. It is obviously harder (though not impossible) to do when he is at home. Today I have been mostly horizontal. It was a late night last night, staying up to watch the Olympic opening ceremony. I stayed in bed until 5 pm trying to recover from last night, but also conserving all my energy for a big day out at the Olympic park tomorrow. I am very nervous about the amount of walking I might have to do tomorrow to and from the tube stations and around the Olympic park. Fingers crossed, the excitement will see me through. Reading stories to DS1 tonight I noticed some suspicious looking spots on his right arm. I'm hoping it might be some kind of heat rash and not anything contagious that might prevent him travelling to London tomorrow. Fortunately he was in good spirits and seems well so hopefully it won't be a problem. Due to her holidays and mine, I,ve now got a three week break with no trips to my therapist. It's a shame as I want to keep going with it, but she thinks it will be a good opportunity to see how things are going. I will continue with my daily self treatments. On Monday I'm going to try introducing a bit of yoga again to see how my body copes.

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