Monday, 2 July 2012

Being Positive about Perrin technique

So, I'm begining to think that the effects of Perrin technique on the body are cummulative.  I've had 5 or 6 treatment sessions now and have been feeling pretty much progressively worse.  From a Perrin perspective I think this has to be seen as a good thing, a positive thing, that changes are taking place in my body which is what you want.  When I went to my appointment on Friday my practitioner was pleased with my spots, said they were in the right place and all the cold sores and mouth ulcers were good signs too that changes are happening in my system.  The knock on effect of all these"positive" changes is  that I feel rubbish and had to go to bed Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon I went to bed at 4pm and didn't get up again.   My body was completly drained  - no energy, the idea of eating just seemed like too much effort.  I'm guessing it was largely a response to recent activity, theatre trip on Thursday, spontaneous bounce on life size inflatable Stonehenge on Friday, drive to watch the 13year old play football on Sunday morning.  The fatigue has been sitting just under the surface and is brought on by just the smallest exertion.  Today I feel fatigued and weak before I even do anything.  I can see how easy it would be to give up on the Perrin technique at this point.  It's just making you feel worse and it would be easy to step away from it.  BUT, I must persevere.  Reading other people's blogs about the treatment it seems that many don't start to feel any better until about week 14.  Sounds a long way away at the moment.
Yesterday I stopped taking betablockers completly.  This is a significant step, but I can't get excited about it at the moment because my heart rate is up.  I'm sure that my heart rate is only up due to my current fatigue which is what normally happens, but it's difficult not to think it might be related to not taking the medication.  I need to forget about it, because if i stress about it my heart rate will be up!
So, the fact that I'm feeling bad is a good thing, I need to be positive and keep telling myself this to get through this little tricky patch.

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