Friday, 10 February 2012

Mental low to snow fun high

The past month hasn't been so good.  No major relapse or anything, but just a general feeling of malaise and days with heavy legs, made more noticeable because it contrasts with how well I felt over Christmas and the New Year period.  Had one particularly low day where I felt a bit sorry for myself, that doesn't happen often and I managed to shake myself out of it. It came after watching a tv clip of a woman who's partner had ME talking about how it had effected HER life.  It made me think about Ant and how fantastic he's been throughout all this.  At my worst I couldn't have coped without him, this has had a big impact on his life too.
Enough of the negative, it is important to stay positive.   I must continue to try and meditate twice a day, it does make a difference.
Had some blood tests back last week and they were all looking pretty good; ferritin 17 which is good for me, thyroid within normal range and kidney function up on what is was, so that's  encouraging.
Saw my Cranial Osteopath yesterday, he said that at my previous visit my body felt like I had overdone things (easily done when you have a period of feeling good).  So, the roughness I have been feeling in the last few weeks is probably my body's response to having over done it.  Yesterday he said my body responded well to the treatment and he was pleased with that.  Completely took it out of me though, I was good for nothing afterwards and was in bed at just gone 7pm.  This morning I woke with a disturbed sense of balance which wasn't very nice, but had gone by mid afternoon when I went out and manged some frolicking snow fun with the children.

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