Thursday, 24 October 2013

On the up...falteringly

So things are feeling much better.  I feel I could even be back to my pre-summer self.  That said, I'm not really doing anything to test or push myself at the moment so lets say, that at baseline levels of activity I am feeling good.
I often know when I'm feeling better because my brain can focus more easily.  Today for example I set to tasks without any procrastination, made some calls I needed to make and got them out of the way and get this...I even shopped around for a better energy deal, something I have needed to do for months, but that my brain just didn't want to set itself to.  This then is a good sign.

What a difference a night makes.  The first two paragraphs of this entry were typed last night after two very good days, this morning I have woken feeling weary and drained.  It was an effort to do my Perrin massage this morning, only the fact that I know how important it has been forced me to push on and do it.  I feel like i could just sit on the sofa all day today and do nothing.
I have an intermittent feeling that I am not doing as much as I could towards my own recovery.  The dichotomy is that when you're feeling bad it's hard to spend the time you need to on these things, though you want to, but when you're feeling better you are busy actually doing other things you want and need to do and you don't feel the need to concentrate on recovery so much.  WRONG this is when I should be focusing my energies on doing the things I need to do.  I am going to make myself a daily checklist of all the things I should be doing so that I can tick them off every day.  It is a pretty long list now.  Even thinking about what should be on that list is a bit wearing let alone actually doing them all.  Where has yesterdays energy gone?

Update on the Dr Terry Wahls "Minding my Mitochondria" diet - I am struggling with this, the part I am struggling with is not what I should be eating - I'm pretty good at that, its the sheer VOLUME of what I need to be eating that I am struggling with.  I need to read more that she has written and see if i can get more insight into how she actually manages to fit the volumes of greens into her daily meals.  So I guess you could say I'm doing the Minding your mitochondria diet "Lite" and hope to step up to the full on "Pro" version at some point.

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