Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Yoga and ME CFS

Today I am feeling very pleased with myself.  Once a week I attend a yoga class at a therapy centre.   It's  a very gentle 45 minute class where all the poses are either lying down or seated.  I've been coping pretty well with the class so today I tried a normal yoga class.  It was about one hour, fifteen minutes long and with my usual yoga teacher who knows me pretty well by now.  I smiled my way through the whole class, I was so pleased to be joining in and managing so well.  There were things I couldn't do and things I chose not to do as I thought they would be too much for my system, but there was lots that I could do and I really enjoyed it.  At the end of the class both my teacher and I were so surprised by how much I had managed.  Now I have to wait until tomorrow or Thursday to see how my body reacts.
There were two reasons for wanting to try an extra yoga class, firstly, I just want to do some exercise and yoga is about all I can manage right now.  Secondly, I have been finding out more about how people have improved their Orthostatic intolerance by being able to exercise.  This is obviously difficult for someone with ME, but every tiny little increase I can make will help.

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