Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fustrating ME relapse

I really dislike writing when I'm having not such a good time, but this phase has been going on too long now and I need to get it down on record.
I haven't really recovered from our New Year trip to Copenhagen.  I knew at the time that I was pushing myself, but I hadn't quite realised how much.  I have no reserves of energy to draw on right now.  Even my normal baseline activity is more than I can manage comfortably at the moment.  On Friday I went to my yoga class and that has wiped me out again.  Today I went to my really gentle yoga class  and tonight I am feeling muscle fatigued and just have that internal agitation in my system that I can't put my finger on.  I need to go and see my cranial osteopath, he helps when my body feels like that.  After having a period of really, really good sleep a couple of weeks ago, I'm now waking 4 or 5 times a night, it's so annoying.
I have refocused on my Perrin technique massages and again on my diet.  I feel a bit useless right now, everything is such an effort.


  1. I feel your pain. I love reading your blog. Post Christmas is always a difficult time. I was diagnosed with ME in 2010. I know it's difficult right now but now that you've put your protocols back in place you will improve even if it is slowly. You sound like you pushed through your limit. You shoulread CFS - catastrophe theory as it explains it quite well here. Keep blogging - you remind me I'm not suffering alone...

    1. Thanks for sending the catastrophe theory link to me, I had read the original paper, but had not seen the June 2014 addendum, which actually feels very relevant to me. It has been a constant state of putting one protocol on top of another and making little steps forward each time and it is true that as I have started to feel better I have relaxed off those protocolsvery gently but probably significantly. Reading this has reminded me how important it is to get back on it, so Thankyou very much. I feel mentally boosted now. Thanks.

  2. Sorry, here's the link -