Thursday, 15 September 2011

A visit to the cranial osteopath

This morning I have been to see my cranial osteopath.  It takes me around 50 minutes to get to his practice and fortunately as Ant is on holiday he offerred to drive me.  This is just as well as I think I would have struggled to drive back today, it certainly wouldn't have done me any good.
Lots of positives came out of my appointment.  I explained that I had been feeling really good even though I'm showing all sorts of symptomns and he thinks these symptomns are all signs of change taking place in my body.  He also doesn't think that my body is struggling with the decrease in betablocker.  He thinks that my circulation is infact benefitting from the reduction, so that's good.  We talked about ascorbic acid and I mentioned Mickel Therapy.  He is concerned about me overdoing it a bit.  I need to be mindful of this and not too impatient.
The treatment was slightly different today.  He spent the whole time on my head and towards the end of the session his activities seemed a bit more forceful than usual, it is usually such a gentle treatment.  When he'd finished he said you're probably going to feel some after effects from  today's session.  See how it goes over the weekend and just go with it, but if there's anything that your concerned about still on Monday then call me.  So, this could be bad timing as this afternoon the whole family have driven off to Yorkshire without me.  I'm now worried I'm going to get some symptoms or even one of my funny night time episodes following the treatment and Ant isn't going to be around.  I feel so much safer when he is there because he knows just what to do and say when these things happen.  When I hear myself saying this I feel really pathetic.  I have been such a strong woman in the past, but now being on my own concerns me.  Anywho, the positive side of this is that I can just spend the whole weekend recovering and relaxing and not under any pressure to do anything else, which is probably a good thing.
I finished my appointment at 11.30am  and was completly wiped out when we got home so have spent the afternoon on the sofa.  Five and a half hours later I'm starting to feel some energy return. It was a good appointment today, I just hope I don't get any nasty response, but if I do, i'll deal with it : ) 
A tv dinner beckons.

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