Sunday, 30 December 2012

ME and the everyday balancing act

Haven't posted for a while.  I've been pretty busy "doing" Christmas.  It went well although it was a balancing act that needed good managing and I think I managed it pretty well.  I did have to cancel three social events in the last ten days before Christmas Day.  These were things I thought I would manage but when it came to it were just too much.  I did still fit in quite a lot of social occasions in those lead up weeks and they went well.  I was conscious not to stay at any of them too late and that definitely helped.
I have traditionally visited the Christmas sales every year on the 27th December with friends and family   members.  Over the last 4 years I have done this in varying states of illness/recovery.  The first couple of years involved me doing very little shopping and much sitting in cafes and restaurants. This year however I ploughed up and down the pavements of Bath carrying several heavy shopping bags.  Earlier this year my symptoms would have stopped me in my tracks, forcing me to stop and rest, but not so now,my body did everything I asked of it.  I did feel it for the following two days but even so, it is a sign of how much stronger I am now.
The other thing I noticed after having shopped hard for the day was that I had a better nights sleep that night.  I had had a bit of physical exercise.  The problem is, it's fine line between doing enough to get a good nights sleep and doing too much, and it would seem the boundary between the two can vary   day by day so it's tricky to judge.  Today I have walked one and a half miles.
As the New Year approaches I have been thinking about resolutions.  I like New Years resolutions as I think they help to focus the mind.  This coming year I would like to read more, play my bassoon more and raise some money for an ME charity.

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