Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Perrin Technique spots

A mixed time again this week.  I Felt good on Friday and then really rough on Saturday and Sunday, not quite right yesterday and today I feel fine again.  At the weekend my rough feeling felt pre-menstrual, but then nothing happenned.  I had had a huge amount of mental activity over Thursday and Friday and it's always easy to underestimate the toll this takes.  I have started taking more detailed info on my activity levels, which I hope will be useful to look back on.
Since my last Perrin appointment I have had some spots.  I seem to get two different types of spots which I associate with the treatment.  The first sort are more just blemishes, red marks on my skin, these tend to be in two places; just below my cheekbones in a line across my face and on my chest.  The second sort are more like normal spots, but they are different to normal spots in that they seem much deeper and very rarely come to a head.  I get these spots on or just to the side of my nose.  I'm sure it is the daily massages that are encouraging them.  Now I am more active one of the problems I am finding is that it is easy to forget my midday self treatment because I am so busy.  I need to set some reminders on my iPod and phone to make me stop and do it otherwise I get to 5pm and realise I have missed it.  I wonder if the spots will get less the more I recover.

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