Sunday, 14 April 2013

With energy comes positivity

I awoke with some energy this morning.  It was quite a good nights sleep.  I was full of ideas and vibrant.  Ant said he liked it when I have a relapse and things are quieter and I'm not constantly coming up with ideas of things to do!  We laughed.  Anyway I then had to Sauna, shower and do my Perrin massage and by the end of all that the energy had gone.  Not a problem, after a busy day yesterday and a normal week ahead, I had planned to do pretty much nothing today.
Yesterday was such a lovely day.  Ant and I went shopping together in the morning, something we very rarely do together, we bumped into the family of someone he works with.  After lunch I had a drink with someone else who has ME, it's so nice to speak to someone who has an instant understanding.  There's no need to explain anything, they just know.
Later, I took My youngest (Ben) to a children's concert which gave me extra inspiration to practice my bassoon.  I must push on with that.  We bumped into more people we know.
Then, to finish this very social and enjoyable day Ant and I went out early to the local French Bistro and had a relaxed and delicious meal.
It just amazes me how positivity returns with energy.  Yesterday I felt I could conquer not just ME but the world.  What a difference the return of a little energy makes.
On Friday two kind neighbours both called to let me know that they'd heard that the local health centre was running a course abut managing ME and still had some spaces left.  I made some enquiries and discovered it is a 5 week group course using cognitive behavioural therapy to help manage systems and I've booked myself on.  It starts tomorrow.

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