Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It's easier to look back retrospectively and piece together what's gone on.  I now think that the relapse that I had over a week ago was not down to the osteopathic treatment I had but down to a stomach bug that continued on through the family affecting son and hubby after me.  All the symptoms; nausea,  general weakness and bowel disturbance, were all things I associated with the early days of  Perrin technique.  The big difference was that within two or three days of a treatment I was getting back to normal, but this time it took MUCH longer.  So, it is confirmation that I'm now able to "catch" things, having had a cold and a stomach bug now.  After the stomach bug however it is apparent that recovering from these things is going to be a bit different from days before ME.  My energy levels were completely wiped out and took a long time to return.  Only in the past few days have I begun to feel like my energy was returning.  In true boom and bust style I then went completely bonkers yesterday.  I drove the girls across town to a shop, then drove to another part of town to go to a different shop.  I then walked down to the village with my little one and back again in the not most direct route.  What was I thinking?  Knew I had overdone it and spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa.  Ant then had to come home (6.45pm) and cook the dinner and take DD1 out to her social event in the evening.  I feel bad about that after he's had a long day in the office.
Last night I was woken with some of the horrible night time symptoms I used to get in the early days;    Hot and sweating, heart racing and clammy feet.  In the old days that would have been followed by feeling cold and uncontrollable shaking.  Thankfully neither of these things happenned.  I watched some video in bed on my iPad and tried to take my mind off it whilst I waited for it to pass.
This morning I feel weak, so what of today's plans?  We were due to drive half an hour to visit friends, a short walk by the river, then back for lunch at their house.  I should probably cancel, but I  won't.  It's been ages since we've seen them.  I'll just do nothing until we have to leave and play it by ear when we get there.
Something strange happenned when I was recovering from the stomach bug, I had 4 really good nights sleep!  It felt wonderful,  for 4 nights in a row I woke only once during the night instead of my 2 or 3 times and the sleep felt very deep.  This sleep was still unrefreshing, but it still felt so good to have slept so solidly.  I was disappointed when this run of sleep came to an end and have been trying to think what might have been the factors that made such a difference.
There are several theories about what causes the sleep disturbances in ME.  There may be some dysregulation of the hormones dopomine and seratonin as we know that the endocrine system which produces them is often dysfunctional in people with ME.   I like this description from the website:
"If the sympathetic and parasympathetic are out of balance due to autonomic dysfunction, it could put you in a state of heightened arousal and awareness when you're trying to sleep. It's a lot like how a   new parent is always on alert for a crying baby, never really getting into a good, deep sleep."  That's how it feels to me.

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