Monday, 25 March 2013

Relaxation and Thai massage

Last night I indulged myself for an hour and a half in a relaxation with Thai massage session.  In the whole session we adopted just 6 yoga poses each of which were held for 10 or 15 minutes.  Whilst we held the poses the instructor visited each person and gave Thai massage.  It feels fantastic and I always feel invigorated after a session like this.
I am feeling a bit better in general.  I don't feel sick any more, the nausea has gone, now I just have to regain my strength.  Each day it's getting better.
I spoke to Dr Perrin today on the telephone.  I wanted to speak to him about the osteopathic treatment I had a week ago and how it had affected me.  He has suggested I go and see him at his practice in North London, but it's the problem of getting there and more so of getting back after a treatment.  I'm not in any rush to go and see him, but maybe if Ant is off on holiday in the next few months we could take a trip.  It was kind of him to give me some time on the phone today.
I've been reading Coping with Chronic Fatigue by Trudie Chalder.  It focuses on graded exercise therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.  The information about graded exercise therapy doesn't sit very easily with me at all, but it has useful sections on managing activity levels and challenging negative thinking.  Reading the book has made me think that I should monitor my activity and fatigue levels by the hour for a while and reassess my baseline activity.  I haven't done that for a couple of years and I think it might be useful.

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