Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Not the best week

Yesterday morning was my second Appointment with the local osteopath who I am visiting to manipulate my spine.  I was very impressed that since my first appointment with her two weeks ago, she had taken the trouble to purchase the Perrin Technique book and had come to our appointment armed with notes she had taken.
The treatment took about 35 minutes with work on my neck, thoracic spine and ribs.
In the afternoon Ant and I went to go and look at stone tiles and worktops for our kitchen, but I was acheing all over and just couldn't focus on the job in hand.  There are too many decisions to make around this new kitchen, I don't want to have to think about it.  Today I couldn't even decided if I want a round roll or a baguette roll for my lunch!  Pathetic.
I went to bed really early with my youngest and he read me a bedtime story : )
Today I feel so nauseous, worse than I remember it from when I started my Perrin Technique almost a year ago now.  My back aches from the manipulation and I feel sick.  It's difficult to remember that feeling like this is helping to make me better.  Today I feel like i don't want to put myself through another treatment and feel like this again, its yet another lost weekend.  In Perrin terms the nausea is my liver dealing with all the toxins being pushed through my system - a good thing, but it feels yucky.
It's now Wednesday and I still haven't recovered from Saturdays osteopathic treatment.  In fact I have given up trying to battle on and will spend the day in bed.  I will have to call in help today.  One daughter needs to get to a singing lesson this morning, another needs picking up from college later so she can get back in time for a music lesson and I'm hoping that a friend will take my little one out with her son for a couple of hours at lunchtime.  He thought it was amusing this morning when I told him he was going to do his schoolwork up here in bed next to me.
I try not to have to call on people too often.  In fact I can't remember the last time I spent a weekday  in bed, whilst Ant is out at work.  I try and hang on until the weekends, but today I just can't face it.
I woke at 3am this morning and laid there for nearly two hours before I woke Ant and told him how rough I was feeling.  "What if the treatments gone too far this time?  What if I've set myself right back to the beginning?  What if I've reversed all the good I've done over the past few years?"  He tried to talk some sense into me, I shed a few tears.  It's scary when your body feels so weak just lying there, not even trying to do anything, just lying in bed.
I must try and think positively about all those nasty toxins that have been released from my system, that are coursing around my body, soon to be expelled for good. Hurrah.

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