Sunday, 10 March 2013

Anaerobic threshold and ME / CFS

I didn't have a brilliant reaction to Friday mornings yoga class.  I felt washed out on Saturday morning and had to go to bed for a rest in the afternoon which I haven't done for a while.  On a positive note my legs were aching in a stretched and worked sort of way, which is a feeling I enjoy as it happens so infrequently.  So, the yoga did push my  body and the weariness I felt on Saturday morning is probably a sign that i did too much.  This has not put me off, I will go again and maybe not do quite so much of the class until I find a comfortable level that i can build from without creating symptoms.
I have had a lovely mothering Sunday today, the family have been so thoughtful all day.  I had some lovely presents too...a new bassoon reed (I'm practising alot at the moment), some white chocolate (I don't eat brown chocolate because of the caffeine content) AND a heart rate monitor that I have had my eyes on for some time - it was more like a birthday than Mothering Sunday!

Polar FT7

 It's not too big and bulky, it looks just like a normal watch.  I won't wear it all the time, I'm going to use it for two reasons:
  1. To keep an eye on my POTSyndrome and see what sets it off
  2. To log my heart rate when doing any physical "exercise" such as going for a walk as I have read that if you keep your heart rate below your anaerobic threshold you might be able to exercise for longer and I would like to try this out. There is an excellent blog post explaining this: click here to read more about this     


  1. Thanks for the shout-out and link!

    I found that an hour-long yoga class is too much for me, but doing 30 minutes of gentle yoga at home is something I can manage without crashing the next day. At home, I can pick and choose mostly sitting and lying-down positions that don't trigger my OI (POTS and NMH). If you are going to continue to try the class, try avoiding the standing poses - standing still is the worst thing for POTS. I use a couple of yoga DVDs where you can pick and choose different routines.

    Good luck!


    Live with CFS

    1. Thanks Sue
      Isn't it wierd how just standing still is the worst thing for POTs, it took me ages to work that out!
      I'm going to persevere with the class and just do less and less until I find my comfort zone.