Saturday, 2 March 2013

Manual manipulation

My body seems to be shaking off the cold pretty well.  I feel better today than yesterday so hopefully this will continue in normal fashion.
Today I went to see an Osteopath for some manual manipulation of the thoracic area of my spine, to try and get more movement into that area.  I hope that this will help the Perrin technique to continue working for me.
The manipulation felt very satisfying, one in particular in the left side of my neck has definitely increased mobility in that area.  My left rib cage and shoulder are skewed and the left side of my diaghphram tight.  I guess we won't know if this is as a result of my fall in the park in August 2009, but it seems quite coincidental.
Amanda the Osteo was not familiar with Perrin technique so I showed her the book and some of the photos and she could instantly see what Raymond Perrin was aiming to achieve.
There were a few  uncomfortable techniques one of which was a lymphatic pumping technique.  A finger applied pressure near my left clavical whilst my left arm was moved in circles - still aching there now.  Luckily we dont have much on this weekend so if it does wipe me out a bit tomorrow, it won't matter.  She wants me to go back again in two weeks.
Unfortunately,I seem to have shared my cold germs with almost everyone else in the house now.

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