Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Perrin Technique - post treatment exhaustion

Today I went for my three weekly Perrin technique appointment.  I walked there which is a good sign, I haven't walked down to the village for some time.  She spent lots of time working on my back today and also did a very strong and quite long chest massage.  We talked about all the things that were going on, my recent trip to the Osteopath, my cold and the Buteyko breathing exercises amongst other things.  I walked back home feeling very positive.  I feel I am being very proactive again now which pleases me.
By the time I finish my walk back home, the effects of the treatment are beginning to show themselves.  The setee was calling out to me, but I knew I had to prepare myself some lunch and a drink before I sat down or I wouldn't want to get up later and do it.  These tasks accomplished, I made for the sofa and spent the rest of the afternoon there.  As the evening has arrived I've begun to feel worse.  It's difficult to describe, but my heart rate is erratic and high, my legs are heavy and weak, my neck is aching and my head is fuzzy.  This is the result presumably of the toxins being released into my system.
I've retired to bed in the hope that by the time I wake up tomorrow I will be feeling better and my body will have dealt with the worst of it.  I'm sat here now thinking back on my first ever few Perrin appointments and the gentle treatments I had in those first few sessions And how my body used to take several days to recover.  I've come along way even just to tolerate the treatment that I had today and now I'm expecting that my body will shake it off by tomorrow!
I am going to ask my GP if he will refer me to the local hydrotherapy pool when I see him next.


  1. Glad to hear you are still getting some benefit from the Perrin appointments! I know you said before you feel like you plateaued a bit. No one practices the Perrin technique in the US, but I'm considering asking an osteopath nearby to try it on me, though she's really very expensive so I can't bring myself to do it just yet; can't decide if it's worth it.

    Re: your previous post on yoga. It's so great you were able to get out and enjoy a yoga class. But, as you know, be careful! Don't persevere too much :) And maybe even consider wearing your brand new heart rate monitor to the class and converting some of of the positions to sitting and laying down positions. Good luck!!

    1. Hi there
      You could just find an osteopath, you might want to find one who has some cranial osteopathy experience. I bought a copy of Raymond Perrins book about Perrin treatment and took it in to a local physiotherapist as I didn't have a trained practitioner nearby, there are also some videos on the Perrin website hey could watch. If you google "FORME Perrin" you'll find some research about people's improvement levels after one year of treatment on the FORME website, interesting reading.

    2. Yeah, I bought the book, found an osteopath that does more hands on work, just have to bring myself to try it out. Thanks for the info! I'll definitely check it out.