Friday, 1 March 2013

Immune system and ME/CFS - I have a cold!

Finally, an answer to why my symptoms have been worse than usual with seemingly no physical trigger.  It has been like this for just under two weeks.  Two days ago I began having PROPER cold symptoms, my body has obviously been trying to fight off some sort of cold infection.  This cold feels significant because as I think I've mentioned before I haven't had any sort of cold or bug since I fell ill  three and a half years ago.  This is due to the immune system being overactive.  So, I am hoping that the fact that I have caught a cold means that my immune system is calming down and maybe normalising, that's my hope anyway.  So, I was really pleased to have caught my first cold, however, today is morning three of my cold and I have to say the novelty is wearing off!  I am full of it and may well run out of tissues today.
The thing I am interested in now is how my body deals with it and seeing how it will effect my symptoms, how quickly will I recover.  I also have a little concern about what happens next.  If you have ME there seems to be two general ways the body responds firstly, as I found, you tend not to get bugs as your overactive immune system is fighting them off constantly or secondly, some people almost seem to have a per enact cold.  The reason for this is that the normal symptoms that we associate with colds - runny nose, sore throat, swollen glands etc. are not the cold themself, they are the immune systems response to it, so, for some people with ME their overactive immune system is constantly producing these"cold system" responses.  I'm just hoping that my body doesn't now somehow not recover properly and fall into that second category.
The good thing is, I have absolutely nothing on today.  I need to give my body every chance to fight this cold and clear it away.  I am going to do as close to nothing as is possible with a home educated 7 year old In the house.  I am aiming to do under 2000 footsteps.
On Wednesday I went to the hospital to see the gastroenterologist.  He was pleased with the previous blood tests he had done.  I don't have pancreatitis and my ferritin levels although low normal were good for me.   I also asked him to check out the hormone level results that my heart doctor recently requested.  I thought they had come back normal, but It turns out that the lab had refused to do them.  The Doc said he thought that this was because the lab thought there wasn't any point doing  a one off hormone level test on a woman of my age.
The gasto doctor is organising a new prescription for me for my  pancreatic enzymes.  I currently use Creon 25000 and the new ones are Creon 10000, a smaller dose.  The idea being that I keep both and only use the higher does when I feel I need to and see if I can use the smaller dose in between.  I am happy with this.  Not keen on taking meds, so a smaller dose is good.

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