Thursday, 21 February 2013

Buteyko breathing

So, I'm starting to feel vaguely normal again today, the Wednesday routine still feels like its taken a little bit more out of me than it normally does though.
I had a Perrin appointment yesterday and we discussed Buteyko breathing.  This is a method of retraining the breathing, most commonly used with asthma sufferers.  If I have understood correctly, the Buteyko method can be used to rebalance acid levels within the blood and this can help more oxygen get to the cells.  It appears that many people with ME "over breath".  This makes it sound like too much deep breathing is going on, but actually it's the opposite, too much shallow breathing which results in too much carbon dioxide being expelled and the blood becoming to alkaline.
Feeling really rubbish again today.  Woke at 4.45am, 25 minutes later than the previous two days so that was good.  It was so hard to get up when I finally did at about 7.30am.  My legs are like lead, I felt sick after breakfast everything is so much effort.
I'm trying to do all the right things, there was not much food in the house this morning.  The easy breakfast choices when I got to the kitchen were toast or cornflakes, neither of which offer much nutritional value.  I sent one of the children to borrow an egg and made the effort to mix up some four grain pancakes which I had with blueberries. I've done my massage, I've popped my 8 morning pills and I'm sat here with a cup full of minerals.  I don't know what else I can do.  I need rest now.  I know that if this was the weekend and Ant was here, I would still be in bed. And that would be another day written off.  As it is, I have one hour to myself this morning then I will have to do some "creative" parenting so that I expend the minimum energy whilst doing my bit.

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