Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fasting day

On Wednesday I tried a fasting day - that's restricting calorie intake to 500 calories for the day.  It was strange.  I didn't have a problem with hunger at all.  I had a late breakfast at about 11.30am (yoghurt, blueberries and ham) and then my evening meal at 6.30pm (tuna steak with grilled courgette and red pepper- very tasty) and even though I was hungry and ready for the meal finishing the whole plate was quite hard.  What I did have a problem with however was how I felt.  I had a headache from pretty early on.  Not a nasty headache just a nagging little headache.  It can't be caffeine withdrawal as I haven't had tea, coffee or chocolate for three and a half years now.  It could have been sugar withdrawal though!  I also felt a bit light headed and just a bit weird.  I felt weak and lethargic.  When Ant came home and we talked about it we decided that my body probably isn't ready for such shock tactics just yet.  I still had the headache when I woke the following morning but it disappeared quickly, the weakness however stayed with me for most of the day and I had an early night.
Something I forgot to mention last week was that we took a family trip to the cinema to watch Iron Man 3.  It's funny how certain things happen that trigger thoughts of your condition and to me this simple trip to the cinema was a great boost.  In the car on the way home it struck me just how LOUD and FULL ON the film had been, especially the closing battle.  There was a time a while back where my body just couldn't have tolerated such aural and visual stresses, I wouldn't have even contemplated going to the cinema to see such a film, I used to have to leave the room if the children were watching anything slightly stressy on our little tv!  But this week I went without giving it a thought and didn't have to walk out.  It was a good marker of improvement.

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