Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Perrin technique review - one year on

So the roller coaster rolls on and this week has been a good one.  I had a Perrin appointment on Tuesday and recovered well from that.  It has been a busy week and I've coped well, even had two FIR saunas this week.
I have been having Perrin technique treatments for a year now and Before  this weeks appointment I filled out two questionnaires.  The same questionnaires I filled out a year ago when I started treatment.  One of them was just a simple list of symptoms and you tick any of the symptoms that you have experienced in the last week.   I ticked away and was very pleased when I was told that a year ago I had ticked 19 of those boxes and this week I had ticked only 9.  A great improvement, 50%  less symptoms than this time last year.  The second questionnaire takes a little more annalysis, so I don't know how I've scored on that one yet.
 The question is, how much of that improvement is down to Perrin?  Not an easy one to answer.  I haven't been doing any other "treatments" this year, I continue to take Dr Myhills supplements (some of them in slightly less numbers) and doing a weekly floor based yoga class, which always makes me feel good.  I have followed the Perrin regime consistently. Other than days when i'm going to have a proper treatment, there has probably been only two days in the last year that Ant hasn't dutifully massaged my back in the morning.  There have been days when I've maybe only done two further head massages and back twist routines rather than three, but in general we have followed the routine strictly.  I feel it's Perrin that has made the difference.   It's difficult to remember back to before I started treatment but when I think about my activity levels now I know they are so much more improved.  Yesterday, other than sitting down for meals, I didn't sit down to relax until 8pm.  I had been gardening and hanging washing, driving and cooking, a few sits at the computer, but pretty busy all day.  Before Perrin just one of those activities would have forced me to sit down.  I must remember to build in relaxation time though, it's not good to have days like that.  I can feel an internal agitation in my system this morning that tells me my body's not happy.  I probably need to make an appointment to see my cranial osteopath this week.  I still have bad days as my blog will confer, but they are fewer and farther between now and I do think it is Perrin technique that has made the difference.

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