Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pancreatic enzymes

The fact that I haven't posted for a couple of weeks is indicative of the state of my brain at present.  I wouldn't call it brain fog as such, but more that it just can't really settle at anything at the moment.  I can't seem to start anything, finish anything or do much of whatever goes in the middle.  Yesterday morning I couldn't remember my own mothers phone number! I'm also getting my mords wuddled.  Alongside this my sleep has also deteriorated.  I am now apparently only allowed 7 hours sleep EXACTLY.  I had been having 8 hours...nice.   Why is it that I can go almost all day without a pee, but my precious 7 hours is punctuated by 2 trips to the bathroom aaaagh!
My previous post on 6th September was to comment on how well I was feeling, but for the last two weeks it has felt like I am harbouring some sort of bug, not one that will show itself properly, but one that is hiding itself in my throat and nose.  My body is trying to deal with it and that depletes normal resources.  It would be good if it either burst out and showed itself or quietly disappeared from whence it came.

I had a gastro appointment at the hospital on Monday, but when I got there I didn't see my usual doctor, but one of his colleagues.  I was a little disappointed at first, I like the idea that one person can build up a picture of what's going on, but as it turned out,  I don't think it was a bad thing.  As he didn't know my history, he wanted to review everything so he has asked for another set of blood tests and has also requested a faecal elastase test which will test the efficiency of my pancreas.  He has had to get authorisation from immunology to ask for this test, so I am still waiting to hear whether we can go ahead with it, but in preparation I have had to stop taking my pancreatic enzymes - they have to be out of my system for at least two weeks before testing.  So far it has been 4 days without them and at the moment things seem to be okay.

There are some very physical things going on in the house this weekend, it's the annual hedge cutting event, where the children and I follow Ant around the hedge sweeping, bending, lifting and wheel barrowing.  We are also taking delivery of our winter logs today, this is also a team event, the logs are delivered to the front of the house and have to be lifted into the barrow, pushed around to the back, emptied and then stacked.  Both of these activities are good measuring sticks for me as we do them each year and i have memories of how I have coped in previous years.  I think I will bake a cake this morning as it will keep the workers happy later.

8700 steps yesterday.

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