Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Quick update

It's been just over three weeks since my last post, so I just wanted to do a quick update on what's happening.  It's been a busy three weeks with both Ant and two of the children having birthdays in the space of two weeks.  All that excitement and activity not long after Christmas does take it's toll somewhat.  I felt I had underplayed the Birthdays a little this year, normally I like to make such a fuss, this years celebrations were a little understated in comparison.  I was however,well organised and had all presents bought and wrapped well in advance so there was no last minute rushing around.
 In addition a close relative has just been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and we are waiting for test results and treatment information.  I'm supporting as best I can, but know at some point the emotional side of this will have an impact on my fatigue (it may already be happening).
So, I'm not feeling brilliant but there are lots of things going on that might have contributed to that.  It's not a major relapse or anything, just a general feeling of "under the weatherness", fatigue, heavy legs and the vagaries of a sore throat coming and going.  There is no excess energy once the necessary has been done.

On a more positive note, something exciting happened today.  I have been reading alot of research extracts recently and had decided that I was going to start my own podcast looking at some of the research taking place around the world and interviewing some ME experts.  Today I have had some correspondence from an American Doctor that I had approached to see if he would be interviewed and he has agreed!  I'm not going to say who it is at this point, but I am very excited to get this new project rolling.

Trampolining progress has been slow due to the foul rainy weather.  I'm only up to 1 minute 45 seconds due to the fact that I'm only increasing by 15 seconds every 4th session and I'm not getting out there on days when the trampoline is too wet.  Still, slowly but surely is a good way to go.  My bouncing is becoming a little more vigorous and I'm feeling much better when I bounce.  At first I used to get a horrible sludgy feeling in my head whilst I was bouncing and the gravity felt like such a heavy weight pushing down on my head.  It doesn't feel like that any more.  It does make me feel a little nauseous though.  Ant thinks my sore throats started when I started bouncing, he relates the two, I'm not so sure.

I've had my mitochondrial results back from Dr Myhill, I will do a separate blog post about them soon.

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