Saturday, 11 January 2014

Mixed feelings

A quick update.  I've started on the tampoline.  Every 3 days I am increasing the bouncing time by 15 seconds, so, being super cautious to try and eradicate any adverse reaction.  I'm up to 1 minute 15.  As yet my feet aren't leaving the trampoline mat, but that is not important as bouncing on the mat still has the desired effect.  My aim is to get up to 10 or 15 minutes and then increase the force of the bounce.  So far so good.
My blood samples are currently at the lab.  I am having the mitochondrial testing re-done as it has been two and a half years since this was last done.  I'm hoping to see some improvement but also hope it will be useful to re-evaluate my supplement regime.  I'm very nervous about this as I know how I'm going to feel if they don't show some sort of improvement.  To be honest, they couldn't get much worse than last time, but even if they are static I would be disappointed after all the things I have tried and protocols I have put in place.  Last night I was reading about research into low level persistent viruses and ME.  I'm not sure whether it's a good thing to read these articles or not, on the one hand it's always great to read about research taking place and all the bio-chemical markers they are looking at, but the article also went on to talk about the fact that it can take 20 years from this point to treatment.
I have a referral to see Dr Annice Mukherjee at the Salford Royal Hospital and am just waiting for an appointment to come through.
This week I had a Perrin treatment and was feeling good going in, I was feeling on the up again and my body dealt with the treatment well, but since then I again feel like I'm fighting off another sort of bug or infection and have taken another step backwards.  It doesn't help that this has been the first week back into our usual routine and already I am feeling the effects, it had been wonderful having Ant at home over Christmas, besides anything else, another pair of hands makes a big difference.  This week however it was right back into it and I don't feel like I coped very well.

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