Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lymphatics and trampolines

I have made it through Christmas without any major relapse - Hooray.  Hope you all managed to too.
We all know that usual pacing strategies tend to go out of the window for major events like this, so it can be a bit hit and miss.  Infact although there is a lot of stress and activity leading up to the Christmas period, my step count actually during the two or three main festive days was way lower than usual.  Lots of sitting around with the family playing games or chatting around the table, and MUCH more tv viewing than normal.  So, much more static than a normal day around the house.  These quiet days made it easier for me on the 27th when the females of the family have our traditional shopping trip to the sales.  My step count that day topped 10,000 which is a huge day for me and requires days of doing nothing either side.  I'm coming up to 48 hours post this exercise, so could still have some sort of reaction, but I have been sensible and so far feel okay.
Being sensible has meant early bed times and although it sometimes annoys me during the year, I know it's a good strategy and just do it, but at Christmas I find it more annoying.  I want Christmas days to stretch out for as long as possible, to last as long as they can.   It already passes too quickly, if you throw in a 9pm bed time the days feel prematurely clipped and pass all too speedily.

Father Christmas was kind enough to deliver a trampoline for Ben.  He was delighted.  I have an intention to try and use the trampoline too (gently obviously).  My physio has suggested using a trampoline before, but now I have easy access to the equipment I am going to incorporate it into my routine.  It is possible apparently to stimulate the lymphatic system even by bouncing without your feet leaving the trampoline - so very gently, and this is what I will start with.  I'm also hoping it will help stop the disappearance of my thigh muscles, which have diminished in a big way in the past few years.  This link explains why bouncing helps the lymphatic drainage process.  The Perrin technique and my improvement through it have already proved to me the importance of helping lymphatic drainage in ME.  I fully expect to feel bad after using the trampoline and would see this as a good sign that it's doing it's job initially.

I have decided that 2014 is going to be the year of organisation for me.  I expend too much of my valuable energy by not being organised enough and I would like that to change.
A good example of this is food.  On a week when I am organised I have all the meals planned out in advance, I do my on line shop, and each day I know what I'm cooking and what needs doing, it works soooo well!  Why don't I do that all the time????  I don't know why, its definitely easier, it just takes a bit of planning, planning that I need to prioritise.
I'm also going to go shopping this week and buy ALL my birthday cards for the year.  I will have them all ready, rather than running around like a headless chicken at the last minute and expending more energy through unnecessary activity and stress.  Anyone got any other good ideas I can take on board?

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