Saturday, 15 November 2014

Solve CFS Biobank

Not such a good day today.  Spending the morning in bed in a hope to regain a little energy and strength in my legs.  Hopeful as ever I'm still thinking about the things I might do this afternoon, but realistically I'm writing today off so that I might be able to see my daughter play in a concert at the local theatre this evening.
Today is annual log delivery day and I'm sad that I won't be able to help out with that - it's a bit of an annual marker for me as to how I'm doing, if it had been last weekend or the weekend before especially, I would have been fine.  Fortunately, DS1 is getting older now and more able to help with moving and stacking the logs, but it's one of those jobs that's so much easier and more fun to do if we can do it as a family.
I had an email today from the Solve CFS Biobank which I am participating in.  If you have ME I would encourage you to sign up to this Biobank which will provide samples for future ME research.  If you don't have ME I would also encourage you to sign up as they need healthy controls to compare our blood with.  The website is here:

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