Friday, 21 November 2014

Update on Ivabradine for POTs (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)

I've just read back through my first entry after taking Ivabradine and thought it might be worth a very short update on how I'm feeling about the Ivabradine now.  Back then when I was first taking it, I comment on  the horrible feeling of malaise and heaviness that I got straight after taking it.  I am happy to report that this is no longer the case.  I fact next time I see my cardiologist, I am going to have to admit to him that the drug he nagged me to try for a year before I did is actually helping!  It is definitely bringing down my resting heart rate and controlling it at the higher end which is allowing me to be more active I think.  It's making a difference to the standing/sitting/bending down scenarios, so not an instant 20 or 30 heart beat rise on standing from sitting for example.  In my yoga class I am able (to some extent) to participate in sun salutation type moves that require lots of bobbing up and down.  This is something I could not have done before the Ivabradine.  However, just as with the pancreatic enzymes I used to take, as soon as I have any sort of relapse I seem to loose the effects of the drugs and my body just does it's own thing.
Two more things to note this morning.  After going 7 months without a period, I've now had two within 30 days of each other??!!!!  This has tied in with an extraordinary period of good sleep this week.  I have had three or four days in a row where I slept for 6 hours straight without waking, this is most unusual, my normal pattern was to wake at about 1.30 and 4.30am.  I'm dreaming lots too.
I haven't made it to physio at the therapy centre this week and I now really notice how the hardness in my thigh muscles gathers gradually if I don't do the cycling exercises.  I need to make sure I prioritise this to fit it in every week.  I have been letting it go for other things that need doing, but I am now convinced it is helping and definitely makes a difference.  I need to try and fit it in, but it's that old story of balancing out what can and should be done with the energy and time available.

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