Sunday, 24 May 2015

Cranial osteopathy really helps (again!)

A week and two days after my trip to the neurological hospital I am starting to feel a bit more human again : )  I managed to shower and wash my hair myself yesterday and have been getting dressed too.  On Thursday night I had horrible palpitations whilst in bed, but it didn't develop into tremors and I haven't had any as bad as that since.
Yesterday Ant drove me down to see my Cranial osteopath and even as I was lying there being treated I could feel my system relaxing.  His conclusion?  All is not lost.  My whole system has been pushed past it's limits.  The right lung and right side of my heart have been stressed and all the organs lower than my diaphragm are stressed, but underneath it all there is calm.  I am not back to where I was 5 and a half years ago, I am stronger than that.  I sort of know that too because although my body is weak and doesn't feel good and isn't responding well to anything physical,  it doesn't feel as fragile as it did back then (it did when I left the hospital 2 weeks ago), but it doesn't now.  Another good thing is that I am a lot more switched on in terms of how to deal with such a relapse now than when I was first ill when I was inclined to just push on through things.
Yet again I don't understand what the cranial osteopathy is doing to me, but, I certainly felt better after the treatment.  Then, as always about an hour or so following the treatment I felt incredibly spaced out and spent the rest of the afternoon just lying in bed and letting my body do what he had set it to do.
This morning I feel better than I have and am going to do my resting downstairs on the sofa today rather than tucked away in the bedroom.  Upstairs is good because if I am in bed it stops me from doing things, but downstairs where the action is it's too tempting to get up and try and do things.  So I must remind myself to just rest and keep eating well.

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