Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Not quite ready for rhubarb chopping yet

If only I took my own advice.  Yesterday having felt my system calmed by the Cranial osteopathy on Saturday, I spent the day downstairs in the garden, kitchen and lounge.  At about 4pm I was stood chopping some rhubarb in the kitchen and had horrible palpitations.  It left me shaky and internally agitated for the rest of the afternoon and evening which I spent on the sofa.
I interpreted this as my body saying you've tried to do too much and today I am back on my backside on the sofa trying to occupy myself in some kind of interesting / useful / therapeutic kind of way!
To put my activity into some sort of context, prior to my trip to the neurological hospital I was averaging between 5000 and 7000 steps a day (5000 was a good safe baseline for me).  This week, my weekly total was 7000 steps, so averaging 1000 steps a day.  This surprised me actually as I know some days I've only managed 4-500 steps and didn't think I'd done much over 1000 on any day.
The Fitbit is so useful for this kind of tracking.  I probably need to be limiting myself to 6-700 steps a day right now.


  1. Hi only just found your blog! Once suffered from M.E for nearly four years now, and am 19, just to say how no e it is to read about someone else's experiance and feel like I'm not alone going through this, as lately it feels like everyone is just sick of me being ill. Best of luck to you x

    1. Thanks for your comment Katy, you have motivated me to update my blog today : )
      The good news is that people of your age are more able to make a full recovery. I hope it goes well for you.