Saturday, 22 August 2015

ME CFS pacing

Yesterday I went to collect DD2 from a week long summer music school which always finishes with the most fantastic of concerts.  I guess I'd watched about 85% of it before I all of a sudden felt very warm and had to remove my cardigan, then I had a pain in my sola plexus and then horrible palpitations.  I looked at Ant and I think he knew what that look meant, I had to leave.  Luckily we were sat in the front row and when the piece they were playing finished I headed out to the corridor where I sat with water wondering where I could reasonably lie down or whether or not that would make me feel any better.  I went cold and had the shakes with tremors and then gradually it all subsided.  I could hear the finale of the concert, but it's not the same as being in the audience.

It reminded me very much of a similar incidence back in June at a speech day when I was just sat watching an event and enjoying myself and almost exactly the same thing happenned.  That day I put it down to the heat in the marquee that triggered the reactions.  Ant says it was hot yesterday in the music hall, but I didn't feel it.

Anyway, afterwards yesterday my head hurt and this morning I woke up weak and with a headache which hasn't moved all day.  I was supposed to be out with Ant and Ben today, but I couldn't make it and they went for a boys day out together.  I have spent the day in my pj's on the sofa.  Yet another planned day out missed.  Probably my own fault for over scheduling myself (again).  I had had a reasonably busy week this week, but I seemed to manage pretty well as it was happening, yesterday, whilst I was sat relaxing and listening to music my body objected retrospectively.

6 years down the line you think I would be better at knowing what I can and can't get away with, but I am still unrealistically optimistic about what is possible.


  1. I too have had a couple of these sorts of episodes... not fun. The thing is they seem to be hard to predict. Hopefully a bit of rest in the next day or two will put you back on normal form once more. xx

  2. H. Sally
    It's reassuring to know others also get these strange "turns". Even though I've had a lot of them now and I sort of know the form they take and that they do work themselves through, I still find them a bit scary because of that feeling of being out of control and as you mention the unpredictability.