Friday, 7 October 2011

Another go at Qi Gong

So, it took me quite a while to recover from last weeks expedition to the Qi Gong class.  My sleep patern didn't really return to it's usual until Tuesday night (6 nights) and I had a classic delayed reaction on Sunday when I had to resort to the sofa..  Strangely I was not put off by this experience, not sure why.
I decided to return again this week and only did 20  minutes of the class.  The teacher is very understanding and said that he understands the thin line I have to tread.  I also avoided one of the exercises which I did last week so I was a bit more sensible.  It feels pathetic that I had to leave such a gentle class after only 20 minutes, I can't believe it's me having to do that, I've always been so sporty, it seems so unreal in that respect.
I didn't feel good afterwards and had to stand down from my evening duties of transporting DD1 to her music class.  Then there is a sense of guilt that Ant has to be at work all day then come home and put DS to bed and transport DD1 to music and later back again.  I did mange to cook some pasta though.   The positive is that I actually slept very well, so that was an improvement on last week.  When I awoke this morning I wasn't fatigued and my heart rate was fine, but my muscles, particularly in my legs had a horrible feeling of agitation.  I await to see if I am hit with delayed fatigue in a few days.  Delayed fatigue happens when your body has to make ATP from scratch rather than recycling it from ADP which is what happens in your body if you don't have ME.  There is a good video that explains it here:
I didn't manage to do any of the half mile walks for my GET therapy last week because I spent most of the week recovering from the Qi Gong.  I'm going to try and start this weekend.

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