Sunday, 2 October 2011

Qi Gong

I've got quite alot to blog about since my previous post.  The first thing to note is that following my fairly strenuous uphill cycle with son on the tag along bike last week there was no major reaction.  This is excellent news as my heart rate was definately increased during this activity.  So, no strange night time episode that night and no completely flooring fatigue in the following 2 or 3 days.
On Thursday I had an appointment with the CFS physio to discuss increasing my activity levels - a bit of graded exercise therapy (GET).  Although GET is one of the NICE (National Institute for clinical excellence) guideline approaches for ME it is also a little controversial within the ME/CFS community.  My physio says that this is because in the past it has been applied in a one approach suits all kind of a manner and that these days your  own body's response to the activity is taken into consideration.  Anywho, her plan is for me to walk half a mile a day at gentle pace for 7 days out of 5.  If after two weeks of doing this I have no negative response I can increase either the speed or distance by 10% for the following two weeks and so on.  I must alongside this be able to continue with my current baseline of activity at home.  I will give it a go.  When I asked about her experience of people using this approach I'm afraid it wasn't overwhelming - some people normally see some sort of increase - type of reply.  She was however very interested in my supplements and I told her that I thought they were having a very positive effect.
There is a class going on at the local sports centre called Qi Gong which I picked up a leaflet for some weeks ago.  It interested me due to the fact that it is similar to Tai Chi and I have a previous interest in martial arts (Karate black belt).  The class is also only an hour long and takes place in the early evening.  All these things I thought were in my favour.  I mentioned it to the physio at our meeting and she thought I should have a go if i wanted too.  So, on Thursday evening I pootled along and explained to the instructor that this was the first sort of formal exercise I had attempted for over two years and that I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but I wanted to give it a try.
The class was very interesting and I joined in with everything and it was all going fine and then all of a sudden 50 minutes in I instantly knew that I had overdone it.  There was no warning or gradual build up, just BOOM, that was it, I knew I could do no more and that actually I had gone too far.  I said my goodbyes and left.  I slept really badly that night, constantly waking.  It took me Friday to recover but by Saturday morning I felt okay again.  I have not been put off by this experience, I am going to go back this week but will only do 30 minutes of the class and then leave.
Yesterday I attended a day long introduction to meditation and visualisation workshop with a friend.  It was nice to spend a day relaxing and meditating, but it also showed me how far I have already come with my meditation practice.  I think what I'm doing at home is fine.

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