Monday, 10 October 2011

Taking action & supplements

Not sure what's going on at the moment, another rubbish Sunday energy wise and still a little fatigued today.  Two nights of waking with symptoms and I'm feeling a little down about it all.  I can't help in my mind but link it to the activity.  So, rather than sit here pondering on it I have sent an e-mail to my Mickel therapist and I'm about to phone and make a follow up appointment with Dr Myhill.  I'm also going to make an appointment to see my Cranial Osteopath, he always makes me feel better.
I've mentioned my supplements several times in my blog, so I thought I would document what I'm actually taking right now.  These were all suggested after results from mitochondrial tests that look at how your body converts energy.

D-Ribose 5 times a day this is to help my ATP levels.  The body uses d-ribose to make brand new ATP as opposed to recycled ATP which is what my body is supposed to be doing.
Magnesium Once a day, magnesium is necassary for ATP to release it's energy and for oxidative phosphorylation (making ATP)
B12 once a day to help oxidative phophorylation
Niacinamide one a day to help vitamin B3 levels, again important in the oxidative phosphorylation process
L-carnatine twice a day to try and increase my levels.  It is essential to transport glucose in the form of fatty acids across mitochondrial membranes and into mitochondria where it acts as a fuel source for oxidative phosphorylation.
Co-enzyme Q 10 twice a day, this is essential for normal cell metabolism
Gluathione once a day, this is imortant for the process of detoxification.  It is required for GSH-Px which is an important frontline antioxident
Ascorbic acid I'm taking this once a day as my stomach is not acid enough and is therefore not digesting things properly.
VEGepa twice a day to replace contaminated fats in the cell membranes and fatty organs with clean fats.
Mineral Mix 3 times a day, a mix of 12 essential minerals
Biocare multivitamins 1 a day.  A mix of 23 vitamins and minerals.
That's it. 
Listing these has been a useful process, reminding me of why I'm taking them and what they do.
Follow up appointment now made with Dr Myhill.

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