Friday, 11 January 2013

A really annoying elevated heart rate

Feeling rubbish tonight.  Haven't really to the energy to blog, should be in bed, but I want to get everything down whilst its fresh in mind.
On Tuesday afternoon my heart rate went up and was still up this morning.  Unfortunate as this afternoon I had an appointment with my heart consultant.  I was hoping he was going to sign me off today but instead he has prescribed a new drug, Ivabradine which works on the sinus node to regulate the heart rate.  I told a him I'd like to hold on to it and see if my heart rate settles in the next few days.  It has calmed a little already so I am hoping not to use it.
My heart Rate rises when my body is fatigued, but this week I couldn't connect that fatigue with any particular activity that I'd done.
Couldn't finish my blog post last night, just too exhausted.  The dilemma of being down stairs knowing you should be upstairs in bed, but it just being too much effort to get there, getting up the stairs, getting undressed, brushing your teeth and getting into bed all seems like far too much effort.  It's like those days when I come into the house and sit down and it's just too much effort to take my shoes off.  Ant has had to remove my shoes on more than one occasion.  I'm detailing this not to be negative, but because it happens so infrequently now, I need to remind myself.  I used to be like this all the time.
This morning my heart rate is still elevated, it wasn't a brilliant nights sleep, but I feel better than last night.
Going back to why this might have happenned, last week I did walk more than I have normally with no negative effects at the time, this could be an accumulative result of that I guess.  My best guess is that it's connected to my menstrual cycle.  I am now on day 54 of my cycle, haven't had a period since November 19th and these symptoms could be a build up to my next.  I think this is most likely.
Yesterday whilst at the hospital they took some bloods to test my hormone and thyroid levels again, they haven't been done for some time.  I should get the results Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
My fitbit tracker arrived on Tuesday and I had great fun watching it Tuesday and Wednesday but didn't wear it yesterday due to how I was feeling, nor will I wear it today.  Is it just coincidence that my heart rate went up the day I attached my tracker?

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