Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Fun

Aaah, Tuesday, an empty house.  People's schedules have moved around a little and that now means that I have a day at home on my own on Tuesdays.  I have loads to do of course, but I'm determined to spend some time resting today. The fire is lit and I am on the sofa with a drink and the iPad. 
I have found some really interesting ME/CFS websites recently (through my new Fitbit community) and I feel guilty sitting down reading that sort of thing while the children are around, so I'm going to look at some today.  The more I have been reading, the more I want to explore the idea that the secret to more activity/exercise for people with this condition is heart rate.  I need to read more.

I need to have a quiet day, because I'm afraid I just cannot resist snow fun.  On Friday morning I took  my little one trooping across the fields in fairly deep snow over to our favourite tobogganing slope.  Quite a walk and it was still snowing.  When we got there the snow wasn't ideal, too soft and powdery, not fast enough for our liking, so we didn't stay too long.  Then we tromped all the way home again.  I was good for nothing for the rest of the day of course.  On Saturday I resisted and Ant had all the snow fun with the kids, but on Sunday I was out there again, though was more cautious, we drove to the slope to preserve energy and I only did a couple of runs so only had to climb the slope twice.
Yesterday I managed to clock up eleven thousand steps with a trip into town and that's way above my normal daily average so today I intend to spend some time sitting and not feeling guilty about it.

The blood tests I had done at the hospital (to see if I was menopausal) have all come back "normal". My menstrual cycle has restarted today after 64 days, I guess that's my new normal.

It's Ants birthday today and amongst other things he received his very own Fitbit tracker, so he can see how sedentary, or not, he's being at work. So far he's done 2211 steps compared to my 2660.   It's going to be so hard to curb my competitive nature on this one.

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  1. Hello! "burita" from the Fitbit CFS community, just wanted to say hi :) Snow must be so nice, living in California it stays pretty tame here. Sounds so great enjoy such outdoor activities, I really miss all that!