Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fitbit tracking

Busy day today, feels like I've been on the go all day.  The fitbit tracker has been fascinating, it seems I can clock up between two and three miles just plodding around the house in a day.  I average about 5000 steps a day, but I find most interesting the level of activity through the day.  At the end of the day I get a pie chart showing how active I have been,  how many hours sedentary, lightly active, fairly active. Or very active.  Today I have spent 11 minutes VERY active, this is a lot for me compared to other days.  I have also spent 9hours 20 minutes sedentary, which sounds really bad, I don't feel like I've sat down all day, this is because when I sit down I'm always doing something like being at a desk home educating my youngest, or eating food.  I very rarely just sit and do nothing like watching the tv.  Acording to my Fitbit, i seem to spend most of my active time LIGHTLY active (4hrs 33mins today).  Anyway, it's great to have this info now.
I went to London with my two eldest children on Monday to see the Hollywood costume exhibition at the V&A.  We had to snake slowly around the exhibits at the speed of the crowd, the pace was slow and this meant that actually I was on my feet standing for 3 hours straight.  This I found very hard, harder than walking at a normal pace.  Difficult to explain how it made me feel, it wasn't tired legs from standing, I'm wondering if it was more to do with POTS syndrome and orthastatic intolerance.  Anyway, the exhibition was good and I rested we'll when I got home and it doesn't appear to have had any knock on effects to my energy this week.

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