Sunday, 9 June 2013

Swimming with a heart rate monitor

Today I went for my second swim at the hydrotherapy pool.  It went very well.  I did 10 lengths of backstroke today followed by some leg kicking.  Having my heart monitor on whilst swimming is so helpful, it keeps me in check.  My natural instinct would be to try and keep ploughing on up and down the pool and then suffer the effects later, but with the monitor I wait at each end until my heart rate drops before starting off again, it slows me which is a good thing.  The positive thing from today's swim was that my leg muscles seemed to cope with it better than last week.  They weren't all shaky and weak feeling so I am very pleased.
The best thing about all this is that at last I feel like I'm doing a bit of exercise (gentle though it is), it's a start, one swim a week and I'm just about to start a second yoga class a week too.  I feel like I'm on the up again....hooray!

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